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Inclusion and Your PTA

In PTA we recognize and value individual differences. 


We acknowledge it is not easy to become a fully inclusive organization, and we accept the challenge to build an organization where full and fair participation is the norm through Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts.


PTA members should be committed to providing fair treatment, access, opportunity, and advancement and to creating space for diverse voices to be heard and power to be shared. Together, we are even better!

National PTA has a wide variety of resources designed to help local PTAs chart a path forward on their DEI journey.  Check out the following National PTA resources:

LAPTA Toolkit: DEI

Scroll through the PDF Viewer or download the entire DEI Toolkit as a  Word File or PDF. 


146  Introduction

147  Promote Diversity in Your School

148  Hold an Inclusive PTA Meeting

149  Organize and Inclusive PTA Event

150  Icebreakers

151  DEI Resources

Welcome Diverse Perspectives

To Get You Thinking

How do you encourage Inclusive Meetings?

 After watching this video be sure to check out the reflection questions and related resources located below this episode. 

How do you Engage Multilingual Families?

What should PTA leaders know? What are common misconceptions about engaging families? What does it look like to meaningfully engage? 

Diversity & Inclusion Bingo

Let's play BINGO! Review form and think about what’s true for you. Gather a group of playeres. Start 5-minute timer. Ask others to initial their truths on your Bingo card and vice versa. Person with most signatures wins

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