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Member Survey for Dues Increase

National PTA has a proposed dues increase of $1.75/member. Please take 2 minutes to help Louisiana PTA accurately represent your voice on this issue. If it is adopted, it will impact your membership dues at your Local PTA Unit. Currently, every PTA submits $2.25/ member to National PTA and $1.25/member to Louisiana PTA. The proposed increase would be $4.00/member to National PTA and the same $1.25/member to Louisiana PTA. Learn about the pros and cons of the increase below. 


The vote will take place at the National PTA Virtual Convention on June 15, 2023. If you would like to attend as a Louisiana voting delegate, apply for a grant here to cover the registration fee. Attendance via Zoom on June 15, 2023 is required to vote.

Dues Increase Survey

If you are a member of any Local PTA Unit in Louisiana, then you may vote. Your name and Local PTA Unit name are required to validate membership.

Please let LAPTA know your opinion on the proposed due increase.

Thanks for submitting!

Proposed Dues Increase by National PTA

National PTA is proposing a dues increase for the National PTA portion. Currently, National PTA dues are $2.25 and Louisiana PTA dues are $1.25, which totals $3.50 per membership. The proposed increase is an additional $1.75 to $4.00 for the National PTA portion, plus Louisiana PTA portion of $1.25 making it a total cost of $5.25 per member which would start October 2023.


The vote for this proposition will occur at the National PTA Convention from June 15 - 24, 2023. Louisiana PTA has grants for members to attend virtually as part of the delegation from Louisiana. 

To add your opinion to either the Pros or Cons, email Kayla Pagel at


See the National PTA page for complete list of pros and FAQs. This increase would go into effect in October 2023National PTA has a long legacy of raising our unified voice to urge decisionmakers to take action on the issues facing our children. They mobilize resources to meet the needs of school communities. It’s the Power of PTA and it drives the mission. There’s still so much work to be done. To ensure they have the resources to support the mission, the National PTA Board of Directors voted in December 2022 to propose a $4.00 dues rate, which is a $1.75 increase. See the handout: The Value of PTA Membership. 

  • Community: PTA provides a network of support for families during the busy, fast-paced school year that build the relationships to help our communities thrive.

  • Advocacy: For over 125 years, National PTA has advocated every day for federal, state and local policy initiatives that better the lives of every child in education, health and safety.

  • Programs: PTA provide everything from the arts and STEM to healthy lifestyles and school improvement initiatives that are fun!

  • Funding: Your membership in PTA gives you access to hundreds of grants.

  • Leadership Development: PTA provides leadership development and support to prepare leaders to run and grow their PTA with Thrive courses. 

  • Resources: PTA brings you the latest parenting advice, membership recruitment tools, programs, leadership development and advocacy training.


  • All Bylaws for Local PTA Units and State Units would need to be amended with only about 1-2 months before school starts. The amendment needs to be publicized to the General Membership 20 days before the vote and then meet to have the vote before most PTAs are back in school. What happens if a Local PTA General Membership does not approve the increase?

  • Many Local PTA Units print and publish their membership packets before this proposition would be voted on. How do they handle a change so soon before the school year starts?

  • The proposed increase is more than the Local PTA Unit currently collects per membership. Does the PTA then fold?

  • The Local PTA Unit has families that cannot afford the increase. Does the PTA then fold?

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