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How to PTA

Keep your PTA members connected and focused on objectives central to the needs of the children, families, and schools. Check out the abundant resources and tools at which help maximize the PTA's value and relevance.

LAPTA Office & PTA Basics

The basic policies and principles of PTA identify our primary focus as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and our core values as a voice for children.  LAPTA  is responsible for providing resources and help to ensure that all Louisiana Local PTA Units can continue to thrive and grow in support of all children in our state. Read the LAPTA Toolkit: LAPTA Office & PTA Basics, Section 1. 

Board of Directors

Members of the board hold a position of trust and have fiduciary responsibilities to their members. They are given power to run the association by the membership via bylaws and elections. They are ultimately responsible for the viability, credibility, and effectiveness of their PTA.  Boards function as a team.  

Elections & Nominating Committee

The purpose of the nominating committee is to recognize and seek qualified nominees for the elected leadership of the PTA. See the complete details on nominations and elections procedure.

How to Start a PTA

Whether you are a parent, caregiver, school official or community leader, starting a PTA in your community is easy! Each local PTA is a member-led and member-run independent association providing programs, activities and services to support its members and community. All PTAs are established to achieve PTA’s mission. All PTAs must comply with local, state and federal laws and regulations. Local PTAs are connected to their state PTA, at times a district, council or region PTA within the state and National PTA. These connections form a nationwide network of millions of members working on behalf of all children and youth. If you would like to start a PTA, email PTA President, Kayla Pagel, at

Contact LAPTA

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