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Fundraising for PTAs

Most PTAs need to raise funds to provide programs and services throughout the year. Fundraising should be in response to supporting PTA work and not the primary emphasis. PTAs should follow the three-to-one rule: engage in three programs or service projects for each fundraiser activity hosted. 

  • Evaluate opportunities carefully and consider all legal and community-related implications. When choosing a fundraiser, look for cost and profit percentages.

  • Do fundraising events that your community is most likely to support. Consider the dollar amount your community can support, such as $1 versus $100.

  • Consult with your administrators on the number and type of fundraisers with a max of two big fundraisers.

  • Try and offer electronic payment options through,, and more.

Fundraising Ideas

Ask Membership for Donations

Community Sponsorships for $$$

Restaurant Nights

Fun Run or Color Run

Readathon (Sample Flyer)

Chocolate/Popcorn/Catalog Sales

Shake/Smoothie Days

Christmas Store

Penny Wars or Coin Challenge

Jewelry Pop Up Shop (Kendra Scott)

Fashion Show & Brunch

Pelican Basketball Night

Nothing Bundt Cakes, Crumbl, etc. Sale

Parent Perks (reserved parking, carline cuts, early event entry)

Shoe Drive

Give Backs


Golf Tournament

Gumbo/Chili Cook-Off and Car Show (Sample Packet)

Merchandise and Uniform Sales

Auction Night

Parents’ Night Out

Discount Card for Local Stores

Raise Right Gift Cards

Plant Sales

Bake Sale

Car Wash

Talent Show

Gift Baskets Raffle

Big Item Raffle

Concession Stands


Evening Social

Birthday Surprise Yard Signs

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