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Training Requirement for Active Affiliation

All elected officer positions (President, VPs, Treasurer, and Secretary) are required to receive 4 credits of Leadership Training Courses from LAPTA. This is done in-person in August, over Zoom trainings in September which are recorded, or one-on-one between LAPTA and the Local PTA Unit. We encourage all Board members to receive training as they are the future leaders of your PTA. Officers need 4 credits with each course counting as one unless otherwise noted. In-person Leadership Development Day training satisfies all 4 credits.

Why is training now required?

There's a saying: "You don't know what you don't know." PTAs are non-profit organizations that must follow many requirements and regulations. LAPTA takes the job of affiliation seriously and tries to properly educate all Board members on PTA best practices. The Louisiana PTA Bylaws in Article IV, Section 2, Line 90 give it the authority to set standards for Local PTA Unit affiliation. Failure to follow policies could create personal liability and inadvertently harm the PTA. In addition, Board members should know more than just their own jobs. LAPTA appreciates the commitment of Local PTA Leaders to this important volunteer work.

Proof of Training for Affiliation

As part of Active Affiliation, use the Proof of Training Form to show that the elected officers received their annual training. Those who attended the Leadership Training Day in person received their Proof of Training at the event. Those who complete training online by viewing the Zoom trainings and PDF files download the following form to be completed on the honor system. 

Download and complete the form yourself.
This is all you need for the Affiliation report. 

2023 Training PowerPoints & PDF Notes

The recorded Zoom classes will be uploaded in September. If you do not have Microsoft Office, download a free alternative program that runs Microsoft Office files including PowerPoint.

PDF Notes

Zoom Video Coming Soon

PDF Notes

Zoom Video Coming Soon

2023 Zoom Training Videos

Here is a consolidated list of the LAPTA training videos from the Zoom sessions. The PDF notes are listed with the PowerPoint links above for 2023 and below for 2022 courses.