Leadership Training

All Local PTA Local Leaders are required to attend Leadership Training as a part of their unit's Active Affiliation with LAPTA. Each Executive Member is required to attend 4 hours of training. Proof of Training Certifictes will be issued after each Zoom training. Leaders who attended in person training satisfied the 4-hour requirement. We know not everyone could attend in person. No problem! 

LAPTA hosted in-person training in August and Zoom Training in September.   

The courses were recorded and are available to view at any time.  

Come and get connected! There’s no better way to know what’s happening in Louisiana PTA. Any PTA leader, member, or even non-member interested in training is welcome to attend. Training is open to all. 

Fall In-Person Training

LAPTA kicked off our Centennial Year with in person PTA Leadership Training at Mandeville and Shreveport August 20th and 27th.  Thank you to everyone who attended!  A big thank you to Pontchartrain Elementary PTA, Tchefuncte Middle PTA, and Caddo Magnet High PTSA for all the support and volunteers they provided. We could not have done it without them!  Another big thank you goes out to the principals who graciously provided our training sites, Mr. Heier, Pontchartrain Elementary and Mr. Middleton, Caddo Magnet High. We appreciated your wonderful hospitality.  


Active Affiliation Training Requirement

All elected officer positions (President, VPs, Treasurer, and Secretary) are required to receive 4 credits of Leadership Training Courses from LAPTA. This is done in-person in August, over Zoom trainings in September, one-on-one between LAPTA and the Local PTA Unit, or by watching recorded Zoom classes on your own time. We encourage all Board members to receive training as they are the future leaders of your PTA. Officers need 4 credits with each course counting as one unless otherwise noted. In-person training satisfied all 4 credits. If you have not received your certificate, please email Beth Maillho at treasurer@LouisianaPTA.org.

If you watch the recorded Zoom classes, download your own certificate below and fill it out fully with 2 signatures from the President and yourself, or President and another Executive Board member. Training Certificates are uploaded for the Active Affiliation ReportSee all courses below.

Training Videos

The training videos cover the classes offered at the August Leadership Training. After watching a course, fill out the above Proof of Training Certificate to document your training. Each elected officer needs 4 credits for the Active Affiliation Report. The PowerPoints and PDF notes from the PowerPoint are listed below. More videos will be added the first week of October 2022.

Training Courses

Training Courses
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Active Affiliation Course

Active Affiliation Course

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Treasurer Training Course by Louisiana PTA

Treasurer Training Course by Louisiana PTA

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