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National PTA Programs Are FUN

National PTA Programs provide access to engaging, educational, and fun opportunities that inspire, recognize, and impact all students and their families. The programs by National PTA are grouped into categories: School of Excellence, Reflections, Family Reading Experience, STEM + Families, PTA Connected, Healthy Lifestyles, and Connect for Respect. See below for more information. 

These programs are a great resource when hosting Family Engagement events or student programs. All information and support documentation is included, even how-to videos for STEM experiments! There's no need to create a program from scratch!

What are Programs?

PTAs have an opportunity to advocate for children in all kinds of ways, big and small, in the classroom and on Capitol Hill, and to create a strong community in the process. PTA Programs are events and activities that Local PTA Units can host at their schools to improve educational opportunities for all students. 

National PTA ( provides engaging, educational, and fun programs that inspire, recognize, and impact all students and their families. Louisiana PTA ( has contests that provide more opportunities to enhance students’ educational experiences. Local PTA Units can create all kinds of programs that meet the needs of its students and community. When planning a program, remember to be inclusive (flexible hours, translators, etc). Some ideas for programs are:​

  • Used Uniform Sale

  • Basics Needs Closet (Uniform giveaways to those in need)

  • Welcome Back to School Parade for the staff

  • Pet adoption event

  • Mentor-a-PTA (established PTA gives a helping hand to another PTA)

  • Beautification Planting Day

  • Host a Medical Clinic for routine annual check-ups  to reduce absences

  • Newsletters and e-mail blasts

  • S’mores & Cocoa Event

  • Survival Guide for [High School] or Parent Toolkits

  • Share Summer Reading programs from or at the local library

When hosting a program, please share your accomplishments, events, and pictures with LAPTA! 

School of Excellence

National PTA School of Excellence recognition program opens the lines of communication and critical thinking within school communities to make data-driven decisions that yield positive, long-term results. School of Excellence is committed to supporting and recognizing partnerships between local PTAs and schools to enrich the educational experience and overall well-being for all students. Enrollment for the 2023 program will close on October 1, 2023.

2022 Winners

The 2022 School of Excellence winners were Eden Gardens Fundamental Elementary PTA in Shreveport, Fairfield Fundamental Magnet PTA in Shreveport, Mandeville Middle PTA in Mandeville and Marigny Elementary PTA in Mandeville!


National PTA has a long-standing commitment to arts education. The Reflections program provides opportunities for recognition and access to the arts which boost student confidence and success in the arts and in life.

Each year, over 300,000 students in Pre-K through Grade 12 create original works of art in response to a student-selected theme. This 50+ year-old program helps them explore their own thoughts, feelings and ideas, develop artistic literacy, increase confidence and find a love for learning that will help them become more successful in school and in life. Students participate in the appropriate division for their grade: Primary (Pre-K - Grade 2), Intermediate (Grades 3-5), Middle School (Grades 6-8), High School (Grades 9-12), Special Artist (All grades welcome). Students submit their completed works of art in one or all of the available arts categories: Dance Choreography, Film Production, Literature, Music Composition, Photography, Visual Arts. ​ Students, to participate in Reflections, contact your school's PTA or join the Louisiana Lagniappe PTSA (COMING SOON). If you are submitting an entry for the 2024-25 Reflections Theme Contest, please go here.​

Family Reading Experience

National PTA is committed to helping families support their child’s development of literacy skills and encourage a love of reading through access to books, particularly those that reflect the diversity of our world.

Studies show...

  • Just like going for a jog exercises your cardiovascular system, reading regularly improves memory function by giving your brain a good workout.

  • Reading books about different people, places and experiences is critical to healthy child development and should be a priority, particularly in early literacy.

  • A parent’s understanding of each element at play in their child’s school reading life will support their personal growth, and their advocacy can serve the greater student community.

STEM + Families

National PTA's STEM + Families® program delivers access and hands-on exposure to science, technology, engineering and math to engage families and inspire students to pursue career opportunities in STEM fields.

PTA’s vision is that all students have the family and community support needed to access and pursue STEM opportunities and careers. We want to foster passion for science, technology, engineering, and math through fun activities and by involving families in these experiences together. Our STEM initiative will engage students, families, and communities in opportunities to explore... inspire... empower... and educate... STEM possibilities.

PTA Connected

Parenting in the digital age is complex. PTA Connected strives to help children act safely, responsibly and thoughtfully online.

National PTA has been a partner to parents on digital parenting topics for over 5 years, exploring in-depth the issues that are on the minds of today’s families, and connecting parents with tools, research and supports to make the best decisions for their children.

Healthy Lifestyles

National PTA is committed to improving the overall health and well-being of families across the country because we know living a healthy lifestyle is a key component to our students' ability to thrive.   

The Healthy Lifestyles initiative offers educational resources and engagement opportunities that empower students and families to make better-informed health decisions. The initiative includes the following three pillars: Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds, and Healthy Earth. 

Connect for Respect

Connect for Respect is National PTA’s anti-bullying initiative to help students, parents and educators to create school climates full of safe and supportive peer relationships. Research shows that one of the most effective ways to prevent bullying behavior is to create a positive school climate. School climate encompasses everything that contributes to a student’s experience with a school—from the physical building to policies, staff and peer culture. Positive school climates exist in schools where students, families and educators all work collaboratively to build a culture of respect. 

The C4R Toolkit

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