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2023 LAPTA Literacy Grant Winners

The LAPTA Board of Directors thoughtfully reviewed the applicants for the four LAPTA $750 Literacy Grants. All of the applicants were wonderful with great ideas and programs to increase literacy at their schools. While we wish we could give every applicant a grant (we actually considered that), the BOD chose those who served the greatest number of their student population as PTA is for every child! Congratulations to our four winners: AC Steere Elementary PTA in Shreveport, Pine View Middle PTA in Covington, Sixth Ward Cardinals PTA in Pearl River, and Shreve Island Elementary PTA in Shreveport! We can't wait to see pictures from and hear about your programs!

2023 Grant Recipients from National PTA

Louisiana had four $1,250 grant recipients from National PTA! Nation-wide, there were 1,200 applicants for 2,600 grant opportunities with $702,500 in funding. Caddo Parish Magnet High PTSA and Lyon Elementary PTA both won the Healthy Lifestyles Grant, Sixth Ward Elementary PTA won the PTA Connected: Ready, Tech, Go Grant, and Mandeville High PTSA won the PTA Connected: Build Up & Belong Grant! We can't want to see what you do with the grant money!​

LAPTA Grants and Application Links

Grants from LAPTA support local PTAs and teachers in their efforts to advance our top priorities. This includes reading and literacy skills, mental health, community outreach beyond the school, creative teaching lessons, and child advocacy through legislative means. For complete details, see the LAPTA Toolkit: Awards, Grants, & Contests.

The $750 LAPTA Literacy Grants help Local PTA Units host literacy programs at their affiliated schools. Literacy skills in Louisiana are unacceptably low, and LAPTA and National PTA are making literacy opportunities a priority for our children. For possible programs, see Programs​.

2022 Grant Winners

The winners of the $750 LAPTA Reading & Literacy Grant are Covington Elementary PTA in Covington and Mandeville High PTSA in Mandeville! 

$750 LAPTA

Literacy Grant

Deadline: November 17, 2023
Announced: December 1, 2023
Quantity Offered: 4

The Day of Service Grants encourage Local PTA Units to reach beyond the school and into the community to make a difference. Where is there a need? Who needs the PTA? February 17 is the National PTA Founders’ Day! How can you continue the legacy of PTA? Perhaps you could partner with other aligned non-profits or agencies who serve populations like foster kids, food insecurity programs, the elderly, a community library, or an animal shelter.  

2022 Winners

The winner of the $500 Day of Service Grant is Roseland Elementary Montessori PTA in Ponchatoula, LA.

$500 Day of Service Grant

Deadline: March 1, 2024
Announced: April 20, 2024
Quantity Offered: 4

The Healthy Minds Grants encourage Local PTA Units to host mental health activities, events, and programs. National PTA developed the PTA Healthy Minds Program to empower families to make mental health an everyday priority.  

2022 Grant Winners

The winners of the $750 Healthy Minds Grants are Judson Warriors PTA, Shreveport, and Lake Harbor Middle School PTA, Mandeville. 

$750 Healthy Minds Grant 

Deadline: March 27, 2024
Announced: May 1, 2024
Quantity Offered: 4

LAPTA offers Creative Teacher Grants to classroom teachers to fund creative, innovative, and fun programs or projects for students. Grants may fund instructional and classroom materials, videos, parent involvement programs, or anything that supports student enjoyment, wonder, and engagement. The hope is that this grant will result in fun and enriching projects or opportunities for the students that would not otherwise have been possible.

2022 Winners

The two winners of the $500 Creative Teacher Grants were Creekside Junior High PTA and Lake Harbor Middle School PTA in St. Tammany.

$500 Creative Teacher Grant

Deadline: April 1, 2024
Announced: April 20, 2024
Quantity Offered: 2

LAPTA Toolkit: Awards, Grants, & Contests

Scroll through the PDF Viewer or download the entire Awards, Grants, & Contests Toolkit as a Word File or PDF. 


168  Awards, Grants, and Contests Summary

169  Monthly Membership Challenges

169  Annual Membership Awards

170  Red Ribbon Drug-Free Poster Contest

171  Reflections Theme Search Contest

172  Reflections Program

173  Outstanding PTA Newsletter Award

174  Advocacy Award for Local PTA Units

175  Advocacy Award for Students

176  Volunteer of the Year Award

177  Mentor-a-PTA Award

178  Apply for National PTA Grants

178  Louisiana PTA Grants

178  Top Grant Writing Tips

179  $750 Literacy Grant Application

180  $750 Healthy Minds Grant Application

181  $500 LAPTA Day of Service Grant Application

182  $500 Creative Teacher Grant Application

Grant Writing Tips

For many organizations, grant writing is the most important component of their fundraising strategy. When trying to secure funding for a nonprofit, it’s important to learn how to write a strong, successful proposal. The best grant proposals are clear, organized documents that illustrate why your organization should receive funds from the grantor. 


First and foremost, know your audience and get to know the institution that is offering the grant. Consider its goals, values, and objectives. Understanding these elements will help you demonstrate how and why your organization is a good fit. Research the eligibility expectations for each specific grantor and make sure you meet the minimum requirements. Compile a list of testimonials, recommendations, data sets, and success stories to include with your application. Every grantor is different, but they all want to know their money is being used wisely.

  • Know What Grants Exist and When to Apply. Sign up for National PTA’s newsletters and bookmark the grants page

  • Tell a Compelling Story. Make sure all your answers work together to highlight your PTA’s strengths and mission or the reason why you’re here. 

  • Share How the Grant Would Impact Your School Community. Identify an existing need in your school community and explain how the grant will address that need. 

  • Show Your Enthusiasm. Say how the grant will provide an exciting opportunity for your school and PTA. 

  • Answer All Parts of the Question. Include concrete, detailed examples and explanations that expressly answer the questions asked. 

  • Promote Family Engagement. Demonstrate how this grant will help you build stronger families in your community and encourage all families to attend your event. 

  • Get a Second Set of Eyes. Ask someone to proofread your work for spelling, grammar, and clarity before submitting the application. 


Peek, Sean. “How to Write a Grant Application for Your Organization”, February 5, 2021. 

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