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Importance of the Secretary


Lead the PTA way!

The secretary is  a very important position in PTA, and one of only two positions Louisiana law requires to create and maintain incorporation with the Louisiana Secretary of State!  You are responsible for keeping accurate records of all unit actions and the history of your PTA.  Never say "I'm just a secretary!"

LAPTA Toolkit: Secretary

Scroll through the PDF Viewer or download the entire Secretary Toolkit as a Word File or PDF. 

Index for Treasurer Toolkit:

45  Introduction

45  Responsibilities of the Treasurer

46  Treasurer’s Binder

46  MoneyMinder and CheddarUp

47  Principles of PTA Financial Management

48  Budget

49  Banking and E-Commerce Policy

52  Insurance and Bonding

53  Audit Committee and Report

54  Raising Money

54  Articles of Incorporation

54  Federal Taxes

56  State Sales Tax

57  Gifts to Schools

57  Reports

58  Record Keeping & Retention 

58  Additional Resources

59  Active Affiliation

59  Retention Plan

60  Inventory Accountability Form

61  Treasurer’s Overview

62  Budget Approval Form

63  Sample Budgets and Comparison Reports

65  Year-End Financial Checklist

66  Deposit Form

67  Expense Form

68  Bylaws and Amendments Approval Form

69  Audit Report Form

70  Audit Procedures and Helpful Hints

71  Audit Worksheet

72  Sample Letter for NSF Check

73  Monetary Donation to a School or District

74  Equipment Purchased by a PTA for Its Use 

75  General Donation Agreement

76  Passwords and Accounts Summary

Secretary Training Video & PowerPoint

After watching a course, fill out the Proof of Training Certificate to document your training. Each elected officer needs 4 credits for the Active Affiliation Report. The PowerPoints and PDF notes from the PowerPoint are listed below. See all training videos here.

PDF Notes

Zoom Video Coming Soon

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