Treasurer: Your Unit's Fiscal Manager


Lead the PTA way!

The Treasurer is the authorized custodian of the PTA's funds and receives and disburses all money in accordance with the budget as approved by the General Membership.  This position does not require an accountant, but it does need someone who is organized. This section provides a foundation for policies and procedures governing PTA financial practices.  Sound financial management helps to preserve the trust of your members and ensures that local, State, and National PTAs can fulfill their mission of making every child's potential a reality.

LAPTA is here to help and guide you as needed. The LAPTA Treasurer is Beth Maillho who can be emailed at Please keep in touch!

LAPTA Toolkit: Treasurer

View or download the entire Treasurer Toolkit - PDF or Word

View or download a specific section within the Treasurer's Toolkit:

  • Active Affiliation - PDF​ or Word

  • Active Affiliation: Plan of Action - PDF or Word

  • Articles of Incorporation - PDF

  • Audit Committee and Report - PDF or Word

  • Banking and E-Commerce Policy - PDF

  • Binder for Treasurer - PDF or Word 

  • Budget - PDF or Word

  • Budget Approval Form - PDF or Word

  • Budget & Comparison Report Sample - PDF

  • Bylaws Info and Approval Form - PDF or Word

  • Calendar: Dates and Deadlines - PDF

  • CheddarUp and MoneyMinder - PDF

  • Communications and Social Media - PDF or Word

  • Confidentiality, Ethics, and Conflict of Interest Policy - PDF

  • Deposit Form - PDF or Word

  • Donation Receipt - PDF or Word

  • Donation to a School or District - PDF or Word

  • Expense Form - PDF or Word

  • Equipment Purchased by a PTA for Its Use - PDF or Word

  • Fundraising Strategies - PDF or Word

  • Gifts to Schools - PDF or Word

  • Insurance and Bonding - PDF or Word

  • Introduction to Treasurer - PDF or Word

  • Inventory Accountability Form - PDF or Word

  • Leadership Traits - PDF

  • National PTA - PDF

  • NSF Check Sample Letter - PDF or Word

  • Passwords & Accounts Summary - PDF or Word

  • Principles of PTA Financial Management - PDF or Word

  • Responsibilities of the Treasurer - PDF or Word

  • Record Retention - PDF

  • Reports by Treasurer - PDF or Word

  • Resources (Additional) - PDF or Word

  • Retention Plan - PDF 

  • Taxes: Federal - PDF 

  • Taxes: State - PDF 

  • Treasurer’s Overview - PDF or Word

  • Year-End Financial Checklist - PDF or Word




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Treasurer Training Course by Louisiana PTA

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Active Affiliation Course

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AIM - PTA Webinar

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