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LAPTA Proposed Bylaws

The LAPTA Bylaws are due to be reviewed and updated. The proposed changes are publicized to the General Membership for feedback 60 days before the annual LAPTA meeting, which is now scheduled on May 9, 2024, at 6:30pm. The final proposed version is emailed again to the Local Unit Presidents 30 days before the annual LAPTA meeting. At the meeting, the Bylaws are presented and voted on. Here are two documents for review:

  1. LAPTA Proposed Bylaws with Change Chart: This PDF document uses a chart format to itemize the current wording (left column) with the proposed wording (right column) followed by the rationale behind each change.

2. LAPTA Proposed Bylaws: This PDF document is what the proposed Bylaws would look like if it was accepted without any changes to the proposed Bylaws. Changes may still be discussed, voted on, and accepted during the annual LAPTA General Membership Meeting.

Bylaws and Standing Rules


Bylaws are the fundamental governing rules of a PTA. They contain the basic rules related to conducting the unit's business and governing its affairs. The Bylaws define the primary characteristics of the organization prescribe how the association functions and includes all rules considered important to the rights and responsibilities of membership. Each Local PTA Unit affiliated with LAPTA must use the LAPTA Bylaws Template provided below. There are limited customizable fields within the document that may be altered. Standing Rules are a less formal outline of how the PTA operates.

LAPTA updated the Bylaws Template in April, 2024. LAPTA is updating the current Bylaws for the Local PTAs from the old template to the new. If you have not received your copy, email

Expired Bylaws

As a reminder, PTAs must update their Bylaws every three years. There should be an LAPTA approval date on the first page of the Bylaws. If the Bylaws are currently expired or about to expire, the PTA must use the Local PTA Unit Bylaws Template and the Bylaws Approval Form which are linked below. See the Timeline Summary to plan the required meetings and to give the minimum notices for the meetings. Email with any questions. 

UPDATED Bylaws Template for Local PTA Units

LAPTA updated the required template for the Local PTA Units in April, 2024. All PTAs with non-expired Bylaws will receive an updated and approved copy of their Bylaws from LAPTA with the new template. The expiration date stays the same as when they were last approved. Please review the new template to know what the updates are. In particular, the term of office for elected positions may only be one or two years with a maximum of one additional term. See Article VI, Section 3. Another new section is under Article V, Section 4: Termination of Membership. This is if a member has conduct that damages the value and goodwill associated with PTA or violates the purposes, policies, or Bylaws of PTA and the procedure for termination. It also clarifies that attendance at the annual LAPTA General Membership Meeting is required by the Local PTA President or their designated alternate. The 2024 annual meeting is on May 9, 2024, at 6:30 pm on Zoom. Pre-registration is required. We are anticipating that the next annual meeting will be held during the in-person training in August to make it easier for all to attend.

When it is time to update the Bylaws, download the LAPTA Local PTA Unit Bylaws Template which includes the Bylaws Approval Form and instructions. The template is a fillable PDF. Use the "TAB" key to jump to the next field. See the Timeline Summary for required notices for updating the Bylaws. Fill in the customizable fields of the Bylaws and present the Bylaws to the General Membership for approval. Complete the Bylaws and Bylaws Approval Form and email the complete file to

When updating the Bylaws, use the following timeline which can be downloaded above:​

  1. Pick the date for the General Membership meeting that will vote on the Bylaws. Any meeting may be a "Special Meeting" called for the purpose of approving the Bylaws. The number of days' notice is specified in the current Bylaws. If uncertain, use a 20 days' notice to the General Membership before the meeting.

  2. Appoint the Bylaws Committee of at least three people by making a motion at either a General Membership with an affirmative majority vote or Board of Directors meeting with a two-thirds affirmative vote. 

  3. The Bylaws Committee meets to complete the proposed LAPTA Bylaws template. They can ask LAPTA to review the proposed Bylaws to check for any errors or to check any proposed amendments to the template by emailing

  4. At least 20 days before a General Membership meeting, publicly give notice of the meeting and post the Bylaws for review by the membership. 

  5. At the General Membership meeting with a quorum established, present the Bylaws. Have time for any questions or changes. Make a motion to accept the Bylaws. A two-thirds vote of approval by the members present is required. 

  6. Email the Bylaws file to LAPTA at LAPTA will review the Bylaws, give them the final stamp of approval and date, and then email the stamped copy back to the PTA.

Standing Rules

Standing Rules are detailed guidelines that contain additional information on who does what within the PTA. They set forth the procedures adopted to direct the PTA and to accomplish specific PTA work. They provide continuity and serve as a guide to ensure the orderly transfer of duties from one administration to the next. They are a valuable training tool for the orientation of new board members and may contain any traditions or specific information that pertains to the PTA. Local PTA Units should have their own personal Standing Rules. Standing Rules are the rules the PTA adopts to administer PTA work under the provisions of the Bylaws. Standing Rules must conform to and may not conflict with the Bylaws. They are generally not adopted when a PTA is newly organized but are developed and adopted as needs arise. The following guidelines are suggestions and should be attached to the Standing Rules for ongoing reference and instruction. Standing Rules are more flexible than Bylaws. They do not contain parliamentary procedure and are adopted and amended. Standing Rules are kept with the Bylaws in the officers’ procedure binders and are passed on to incoming officers. All Board members and committee chairs should have a copy of the Standing Rules. The Bylaws and Standing Rules need to be studied by incoming officers and reviewed frequently for understanding and training to ensure they are still accurate and applicable. The secretary has a copy of the Standing Rules available at all PTA meetings. Each set of Standing Rules is unique. No two are alike because no two PTAs are alike. The Standing Rules may be organized in any way desired, such as in articles and sections as in the Bylaws, in numerical order as they are adopted, by topic and sub-topic groups, etc. Developing Standing Rules is not difficult. They may be adopted individually in a General Membership meeting as the need arises. To adopt a set of Standing Rules, appoint a committee of at least three experienced, knowledgeable members of the PTA to prepare them. Using the Bylaws as a starting point, the committee should consider each provision and then formulate instructions for applying it. Use the minutes of Board and General Membership meetings and the experience of committee members as additional resources. After the committee prepares the Standing Rules, they are presented to the Board for review and then to the General Membership for approval by a majority vote. Standing Rules may contain as much information and detail as needed for the functioning of the PTA. The more details included, the easier the job will be for future board members. Standing Rules should include any specific, detailed duties and responsibilities for individual officers, Executive Committee, Board, and committee chairs. Details and descriptions that would be helpful include any consistent person, date, location, time, event, activity, assignment, tradition, and process that occurs traditionally during the PTA year. Detailed information about the following additional topics and more could be included in the Standing Rules: •Titles and specific duties of the Vice-Presidents •Orientation of new Board Members •Procedure binders •Meetings •Details for standing and special committees, which might include finance, membership, public relations, newsletter, volunteers, programs, legislation, Reflections, budget, teacher appreciation, hospitality, etc. •Committee’s duties, who serves on them, and how committee members are determined •Needs assessment •Student involvement •Fiscal policies and procedures, including location of bank and updating signatories and debit cards •Nominating Committee instructions •Installation of new officers •Requirements for special recognitions and awards •Equipment the PTA owns and where it is located •LAPTA meetings and who attends Download a sample Standing Rules below in PDF or Word formats.

LAPTA Toolkit: Bylaws, Standing Rules, & Articles of Incorporation

Scroll through the PDF Viewer or download the entire Bylaws, Standing Rules, & Articles of Incorporation Toolkit as a Word file or PDF. 


162  Articles of Incorporation

163  Bylaws & Amendments: Updating & Approval

164  Bylaws Approval Timeline Summary

164  Bylaws & Amendments Approval Form

165  Instructions for Bylaws Template

166  Standing Rules

Bylaws for Louisiana PTA, Revised June 24, 2021

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