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Bylaws and Standing Rules


Bylaws are the fundamental governing rules of a PTA. They contain the basic rules related to conducting the unit's business and governing its affairs. The Bylaws define the primary characteristics of the organization prescribe how the association functions and includes all rules considered important to the rights and responsibilities of membership.


Each Local PTA Unit affiliated with LAPTA must use the LAPTA Bylaws Template provided below. There are limited customizable fields within the document that may be altered.

Due Date: January 27, 2023

If your Bylaws are currently expired, your unit must submit the new Local PTA Unit Bylaws Template with the Bylaws and Amendments Form to LAPTA by Friday, January 27, 2023. Units who have Bylaws that expire after the January 27, 2023 may resubmit with the new template at any time until their Bylaws are due for update. As a reminder, Local PTA Units must update their Bylaws every three years. Check the LAPTA approval date on the front page of your Bylaws and plan accordingly.

Questions about your Local Unit Bylaws?  Please send a note to

Bylaws Downloads for Local PTA Units

When it is time to update the Bylaws, Local PTA Units download the LAPTA Local PTA Unit Bylaws Template. Also download the Bylaws Approval Form and Instructions. Update the Bylaws, complete the Bylaws Approval Form, and email both to The Bylaws are official adopted once LAPTA approves them and emails the stamped copy back to the Local PTA Unit. Expired Bylaws are due to LAPTA by January 27, 2023.

LAPTA Toolkit: Bylaws, Standing Rules, & Articles of Incorporation 

Download Bylaws, Standing Rules, Articles of Incorporation - PDF or Word  

View or download a specific section in the Toolkit:

  • Approval Form for Bylaws and Amendments - PDF or Word

  • Articles of Incorporation - PDF or Word

  • Instructions for Bylaws Template - PDF 

  • Standing Rules - PDF or Word

Standing Rules

Standing Rules outline the process for implementing the policies and procedures found in the Bylaws and related to the details of the administration of an organization rather than to parliamentary procedure. Standing Rules provide the specific, additional details concerning the day to day running of the organization, the duties of committee chairs, additional duties of any officer, and anything else not covered by the Bylaws. These are not filed with LAPTA. 

Bylaws for Louisiana PTA

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