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Our New Monthly Membership Challenges!


LAPTA has a goal of 12,100 members for our 100th year in 2022-23, and we need our Local PTA Units to help us reach that goal. Each PTA has a goal set by LAPTA. Email our Administrative Director at for your goal.


To be eligible for awards, PTAs must have Active Affiliation status.

The qualifying PTAs will be automatically determined by LAPTA.

All qualifying PTAs will receive a certificate and enter into a monthly drawing for $100 to the PTA!

August "Early Bird" Awards

$100 Winner was
Magnolia Trace PTA!

September "Head Start" Awards

$100 Winner was
University Elementary PTA!

November "Geaux PTA" Awards

Asset 443.png
$100 Winner was
Lake Harbor Middle School PTA!

December "Lagniappe" Award

Asset 444.png
$100 Winner was
Fairfield Elementary Magnet PTA!

January "Welcome Back" Award

Asset 441.png
$100 Winner was
Roseland Montessori PTA!
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