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A President's Role and Responsibilities


Lead the PTA way!

Your PTA members look to you for leadership in creating partnerships within your community and fostering an environment where family engagement is encouraged and respected.  You are the official contact, communicator and representative of your Local Unit PTA. It takes heart, dedication, and patience to lead the PTA way, and LAPTA believes in you and the work you are doing!

Why are we here? Why do we PTA? PTA makes a difference in the lives of all children, which makes our community stronger and the future brighter. Be passionate and thoughtful about how to best impact your community through the use of PTA Programs and all that PTA has to offer. Familiarize yourself with the LAPTA Toolkits and reach out to LAPTA for support, encouragement, and guidance. LAPTA knows all that it takes behind the scenes and we are very grateful for your hard work and dedication!

Talking to Principals about PTA Value

Dos & Don'ts of Partnering with Administrators

A list of tips to assist the PTA President when working with their administrators.

PTA Value & Principals

National PTA interviewed administrators to find out what they need from PTA and the benefits that PTA brings to its community.

Presidents & Principals

LAPTA training course that discusses the necessity of building a strong partnership between the PTA President and the principal.

President Toolkit Sections

Download as a Word File or PDF. 

Index of President Toolkit:

13  Leadership Traits 

13  Important Document and Terms

13  Essential Knowledge

16  LAPTA Calendar

17  Getting Started

19  Building the Board of Directors

20  Pick Your PTA Programs

20  Leadership Development & Training

21  Finances

22 and

22  Membership

22  Customize the PTA Logo

23  Meeting Types

23  Elements of Successful Meetings

24  Orientation Meeting

24  President’s Binder

25  Agendas

26  Parliamentary Law

27  Problem Solving

28  President’s Duties Checklist

30  Active Affiliation

31  Partnering with Administrators

32  Partnering with Teachers

33  Fundraising Strategies

34  Year-End Checklist and Transition Guidance

35  Icebreakers

36  Sample Agenda

37  Sample Meeting Script

40  Sample Passwords & Accounts Summary

41  Confidentiality, Ethics, & Conflict of Interest Policy

PTA Share

LAPTA wants to hear about the good your Local PTA Unit is doing, whether it is advocacy work, a PTA Program, teacher support, philanthropic work, or community outreach! Send us all the details and pictures so we can share your success and how you are making a difference. We tend to do a lot of behind-the-scenes work that isn't celebrated, or we do our work and then move on to the next. Please keep LAPTA in the loop! 

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