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Submit LAPTA and National PTA Dues

Submit dues monthly for the number of individual memberships sold by the PTA. The cost is $3.50 each. Local Units must purchase a minimum of 30 memberships from LAPTA per year. The exact number of memberships sold to their members must be purchased. It is important to properly account for all members. LAPTA forwards the National PTA dues portion of $2.25 to National PTA and retains $1.25.

Download the Local Unit Member Report spreadsheet. Update the top section. The information needed for members is last name, first name, and email. Include only the new members you are submitting dues for.


Email file to Download Libre here, a free spreadsheet program compatible with Microsoft Excel​.

For your Local PTA Unit's membership goal, email

Membership Card Templates (English & Spanish)

​*The 2023-24 Membership Card are in English and Spanish. Use the graphics to create a Thank You Note and send to all members. A sample Thank You Note is in the Membership Toolkit.

  1. Membership Page of Cards: Avery Template - English PDF or Spanish PDF

  2. Membership Single Card - English PDF or Spanish PDF

  3. Membership Card PNG English and Spanish (Right click to download):

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