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Vice-President's Responsibilities

Each PTA decides the roles and responsibilities of the Vice-President. For this reason, Louisiana PTA does not specify the VP's duties or go into further details. The Bylaws state that the Vice-President "acts as aide to the President, assumes the duties of the President in their absence or at the President's request, and holds further responsibilities determined by the President and BOD." Many VPs oversee membership. The VP should be familiar with the President's page and the entire LAPTA website.

The Bylaws also include shared responsibilities for the Executive Committee, which includes all elected officers.

  1. Attend LAPTA Annual General Membership Meeting with expenses included in the budget.

  2. Execute duties as assigned by the BOD.

  3. Address emergencies between meetings.

  4. Approve budgeted expenses.

  5. Provide a report at all meetings.

  6. May not take any action that conflicts with decisions made by the BOD.

  7. Perform other duties prescribed in the Bylaws or Standing Rules, by parliamentary authority, or as directed by the BOD or Executive Committee.

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