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Dissolve a PTA

Local PTA Units may dissolve and close their association affiliation with Louisiana PTA and National PTA. The PTA’s General Membership and its community shall be given an opportunity to express their opinions and decide by vote to dissolve or not. Parliamentary procedures must be followed to protect the members and comply with federal nonprofit 501(c)(3) regulations. Dissolving PTA Units is LAPTA’s responsibility and it must be included in the process.

Steps to Dissolving a PTA

A PTA Unit is subject to termination and withdrawal of its charter by LAPTA for reasons such as: its General Membership votes to dissolve; noncompliance of affiliation requirements; violation of the Bylaws; or, for other causes, actions, or behaviors declared by LAPTA.


Step 1: Contact LAPTA

Contact LAPTA President at to discuss the situation and receive guidance on how to proceed. Complete Request to Dissolve an Existing PTA.


Step 2: Move to Dissolution

OPTION 1: If a PTA has active members with voting rights from the current fiscal year, then the PTA shall follow the steps listed in the Bylaws for legally closing a unit in compliance with the IRS.

  1. Board Meeting: The Local PTA Board of Directors shall adopt by a two-thirds vote to recommend that dissolution of the PTA be submitted to a vote at a General Membership Special Meeting.

  2. Notice to Members: Written notice for the Special Meeting shall include intent to dissolve the local PTA and shall be given to each voting member with thirty days’ notice prior to the Special Meeting. Notice to LAPTA: Written minutes of the Board of Director’s meeting with recommendation to dissolve and the written notice for the Special Meeting shall be given to the LAPTA President with twenty days’ notice prior to the Special Meeting.

  3. Special Meeting: An affirmative vote of at least two-thirds of members present and entitled to vote at the Special Meeting shall approve dissolution of the PTA. Only those who submitted dues to the local PTA prior to the date of initial recommendation by the Board of Directors and continue to be members on the date of the Special Meeting shall be entitled to vote on the question of dissolution. Written minutes with results of the Special Meeting shall be immediately shared with LAPTA.

OPTION 2: If the Local PTA Unit does not have active members who can vote to dissolve, then LAPTA shall conduct the vote among its Board of Directors with prior notice following the Bylaws guidance.

Step 3: Charter Withdrawal

Upon withdrawal of its charter, the PTA is obligated to promptly carry out all proceedings necessary for dissolving the PTA under the supervision and direction of LAPTA. Further, it shall surrender all of its books and records to LAPTA and surrender its assets and property to LAPTA or to another local PTA affiliated with LAPTA in accordance with Federal 501(c)(3) regulations; give LAPTA access to all PTA technology accounts such as Facebook, bank accounts, and more; and, cease and desist from the further use of any name that implies or connotes association with the National PTA or LAPTA or status as a constituent association of the National PTA.

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