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Protected Unit

LAPTA has recognized that there are Local Units who are unable to field the Board of Directors as defined by their specific bylaws but do not want to lose their affiliation with Louisiana and National PTA and their 501(c)(3) status with the IRS.  To support these PTAs, LAPTA has amended Local Unit Bylaws to put in place a program titled "Protected Units".  


The following is from the Local Unit Bylaws template, Article VI: Relationship with National PTA and Louisiana PTA.

Section 3.  Protected Units. 

  1. If this PTA is unable to continue to operate in compliance with its bylaws and unable to fill the officer positions as outlined in Article VI, Section 3, this PTA will seek guidance from the LAPTA Board of Directors.

  2. This PTA will then be declared a Protected Unit.  This unit will operate under the following conditions:

  1. A three-member Executive Committee, to include a President, Secretary, and Treasurer, as well as the principal and his/her designee will be appointed or approved by the LAPTA Board of Directors.  The President, Secretary and Treasurer do not have to have children attending this Protected Unit school, but must be a member of this Protected Unit PTA.  These officers can be solicited from other local unit PTAs.

  2. A minimum of ten (10) members is required for a Protected Unit PTA.  Dues for all members must be submitted to LAPTA.  The LAPTA Board of Directors will assist with a membership drive if necessary.

  3. This Protected Unit will maintain current insurance, fulfill fiduciary duties, and operate within the laws required for a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

  4. Students attending this school will be ineligible to participate in Reflections and any other LAPTA - hosted contests. 

  5. This PTA will not be considered in Active Affiliation status but will suffer no adverse action while designated a Protected Unit.   

  6. This PTA will automatically be removed from protected status after two consecutive operational years. Charters will be subject to withdrawal if this Protected Unit is unable to resume normal operations at the conclusion of those two consecutive years.   

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