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Reactivating a PTA

Louisiana PTA assists with reactivating an existing PTA who was an active PTA, became inactive, and now wants to start back up. The process is unique for each unit, but these are the general steps to take. 

Steps to Reactivating

Step 1: Initial Contact

Go to to reactivate a Local Unit. A LAPTA Board of Directors will meet with your group and walk through the steps to apply for affiliation. LAPTA will either reassign the old LUR# (Local Unit Registration) or assign a new LUR later.  LAPTA decides to appoint officers or if elections shall be held. 

Step 2: Planning Committee

Form a Planning Committee of parents, school administration, teachers, and community members interested in forming a PTA. Select a Chair and a Secretary of the Planning Committee. Organize the Bylaws Committee. If officers were not appointed, organize the Nominating Committee to seeks qualified nominees for each office.   

Step 3: Reactivation Meeting

Distribute notices of the organizational meeting to all parents, teachers, school staff, and community members. At the meeting, move to reactivate the PTA. Vote on the Bylaws. Collect member dues. Hold elections. Submit results from the meeting to LAPTA  

Step 4: EIN, Articles of Incorporation, & Bank

Apply for a new Employee Identification Number (EIN) with the IRS. Apply for Articles of Incorporation with Louisiana Secretary of State at Establish the checking account. 


Step 5: Executive Committee Meeting, Training, & Registration

Executive Committee meets to set goals, develop a proposed budget with Budget Committee, select committee chairs, and plan membership drives. Participate in officer and committee training with LAPTA. All Board members register with LAPTA. Create email accounts for all Board members. Start a Band App group communication with the Board.  

Step 6: General Membership Meeting and Insurance

Conduct a General Membership meeting. The General Membership shall approve the proposed budget. Share the planned programs, events, and goals of the PTA. Obtain insurance for general liability and bonding with AIM Insurance at (800) 876-4044 or 

Step 7: Submit Results with LAPTA

Submit results from steps 4 – 6 to receive your PTA Charter paperwork and LUR# (Local Unit Registration number).

Step 8: Plan the Year

Plan your programs and projects. is an excellent source of information and programs for the community. Coordinate plans with the principal. Remember to advocate for every child in your school!  Celebrate! And Welcome to National PTA and Louisiana PTA!

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