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Year-End Transition Time for PTAs

Updated: May 31

PTA leaders have a series of important tasks to accomplish before the school year concludes to ensure a seamless handover and to provide their successors with a solid foundation for the upcoming year.

Wrapping Up the Past Year

  • Conduct Elections: Organize and hold elections promptly in the month designated in the Bylaws. Have the newly elected officers register with LAPTA at

  • Initiate a Meeting with the Successor: It's crucial to meet with the successor as soon as possible. Give a timeline of the year’s events, essential job details, a summary of the current status of various initiatives, and a review of the previous budget.

  • Share Your Year-End Summary: Show your membership everything that the PTA did and post to your social media accounts. Use the Canva Year-End Summary template.

  • Submit Outstanding Membership Dues: Go to

  • Bank Account Transition: Accompany the incoming Board Members to the bank and facilitate the transition of account signatures. Transfer account owners on CheddarUp and other online platforms. Update recovery phone numbers for accounts such as SquareUp and Gmail.

  • Transfer all Social Media Accounts: Some accounts only need to have the administrators. Other accounts are not tied to a personal account and only need the log in shared.

  • Transfer Email Accounts: Update the recovery phone number, change signature line, and update passwords.

  • Verify Treasurer’s Year-End Checklist: Double-check that the Treasurer's Year-End Checklist has been meticulously completed to ensure that all financial matters are in order. 

  • Close Financial Records by June 30: Take the necessary steps to close out the financial records. Be sure that all reimbursement requests are submitted in a timely manner to facilitate the issuance of checks before the books are closed. Inquire about any outstanding checks.

Notes to Pass on to Successors:

  • Things done during the term in office that the successor should know and practice.

  • Things that should have been done that the successor should know and practice.

  • Things that the successor should address during the first 30 days in office.

  • Things that would instill an effective Board and help to conduct productive Board meetings.

  • Final thoughts for the new leadership team’s success.


The Outgoing Board Should Always:

  • Meet to debrief and evaluate the work for the year and offer suggestions for improvements.

  • Fully complete their term and tasks.

  • Meet the successors.

  • Tell the new Board to annually register at even if some are remaining.

  • Turn over all resources, materials, and passwords in a timely manner including social media accounts. If there is resistance, ask LAPTA to facilitate the transfer.

  • Host a get together honoring the outgoing Board and celebrating the upcoming journey of the new Board.

  • The outgoing officers should support the new Board, as well as step back and let go.


The Incoming Board Should Always:

  • Register and familiarize yourself with LAPTA at and

  • Register for LAPTA Training Events.

  • Order any necessary materials and supplies.

  • Fill any vacancies and appoint chairpersons, if necessary.

  • Pick a membership theme for the year. You can use LAPTA's "Join the PTA Adventure" theme which can be edited with your PTA name.

  • Edit your PTA/PTSA logo on Canva.

  • Start preparing the Welcome Packet for August. Include a Membership Enrollment Form, or a link to online membership purchasing, or both! See for ideas. Know your deadline and how you will distribute it.

  • Meet with the new Board of Directors and administrators to plan the new year. Work on the goals for the year and develop a calendar of events.

  • Ensure that year-end financial reports are complete and begin planning for the new budget.

  • Download the Toolkits from LAPTA and distribute to the Board. Review the entire LAPTA site.

Contact LAPTA anytime you need us! Visit Board of Directors contact information for emails.

Thank you!

Beth Maillho

Louisiana PTA President-Elect

(985) 778-5799

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